Oh No It’s November

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New November. New Site.

It’s here. November. And my new website. You’ll notice that it’s under construction. Serious construction. If things don’t work for the time being, I’m probably working on it. If it still doesn’t work in December, let me know. Everything should be up and running by then. If there is any missing information that you’d like to see, let me know.

Read on for more super awesome exciting news.

New Shirts

Two new shirt designs printed in October! If you didn’t get a chance to see them, check them out below:

I took most of October off to recover from con fatigue, but will have new designs up for voting soon.


I just finished hitting three cons in a span of four weeks. Rose City Comic Con, Rainfurrest, and Portland Retro Gaming Expo were all a blast and I plan on returning to all three next year – provided I can snag a table. Big thanks to those of you who dropped by!

Midwest FurFest is my next con on the schedule. It will be my first travel con as well as my first time in Chicago! If you’re in the area, stop by, say hi, and buy something to help pay for my airfare haha… No really though, come say hello at least.

Things On The Way

  • Patreon: I’ll have a new goodie pack sending out shortly for my Patreon. Every patron who pledges at least $5 per goodie pack will receive a hi-res wallpaper, sketches from the previous month, and a drawing timelapse video. Never heard of Patreon? Check it out here.
  • Prints: I’ll be finishing new prints for both my cons and my Society6 shop.

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