Hi! I'm FableFire.

Hi! I’m FableFire.

I design shirts and draw cute things for a living.


The Shirts

Most people know me from my work at Shirt.Woot. I’ve designed shirts for them since 2007. At present, I have over 40 shirts in my Woot catalog, with more on the way. My designs tend to involve cute animals – sometimes cute animals doing morbid things. Most designs get printed via the Derby – Woot’s weekly shirt design contest. Please follow me online or subscribe to my mailing list to keep up to date on all the latest contest info! Only the shirts with the most votes will win and get printed, so your votes are crucial in bringing my designs to life. Click here to see how the Derby works.


The Other Cute Things

Outside of shirts, I work on prints and commissions. This is my first year of doing conventions, so my inventory is small right now. I enjoy making prints and other fun goodies